Secret Society of

Secret Society of Healers is a blog designed to discuss a variety of alternative health care options.  From chronic illness to minor ailments, share your secret remedies and let's be healthy together!


Hello!  My name is Kathleen Noelle! 

I have been involved in the alternative health field for 18 years!  After receiving my undergraduate degree, massage license, an advanced alternative health degree and a registered psychotherapy license in Colorado, I opened a brick and mortar massage clinic with 20 massage therapists. 

After years of running a business, I downsized and now have a private practice.  I have been fortunate to live my purose!  Running a business has been a valuable learning tool.  However, I not only wanted to live my purpose - I wanted to connect more deeply to my passion! 

My passion is the basis for this blog.   It involves all of us as a community coming together and sharing our thoughts, feelings, and expereinces with our health care journey while incoporating our sucess with alternative health care options. I do not profess to have the answers for you regarding alterative health care options but I will make a commitment to you to be honest and open with you regarding not only my personal expereince but also with my leasons learned from 18 years of serving a wonderful client base! 

I am excited to have you as a contributor and/or member of "Secret Society of Healers."  The 'secret' to our health and to this bog is...YOU!  It is us together finding comfort that we can live a healthy life. We can be open and honest with each other on our life jorney without judgement.  The 'secret' is to love each other and most importantly to love ourselves.  When posting on this site, be kind and open minded.  I will do the same! 

Consult your primary health care provier prior to changing or enhancing your health care regiment.

Enjoy blogging!